Why Do You Need A Foreign Credential Evaluation?

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In foreign credential evaluation services, your academic degrees or credits that you’ve earned overseas are converted to their equivalencies in the US.

After the completion of the process, a foreign education credential evaluation report will be handed over to you. It isn’t difficult for people to understand this report, especially those who are aware of the education systems in North America. It can help them interpret your accomplishments and grades.

What Advantage Does A Credential Evaluation Offer?

The educational systems across the planet vary considerably, requiring an objective and accurate analysis of how a foreign educational credential compares to the US system.

For in stance, a credential evaluation report may assist the university admissions offices in taking your prior experience and education into consideration. The energy and time that you have already invested in your academics can only accomplish its full impact on your future if your academic credentials are recognized and understood correctly.

Who is Responsible For Foreign Evaluations?

In the US, there’s no single authority or agency (like the Ministry of Education) that is responsible for foreign credential evaluation. Some organizations, for instance, universities, licensing boards, and employers perform their evaluations, with most of them relying on an independent credential service like Foreign Credential Evaluations to offer them an assessment report.

What Are The Different Types of Evaluation Reports?

Generally, a person may request a basic foreign transcript evaluation that details the credential, or a comprehensive, course-by-course report that offers additional information on the course content, credit hours, and grades of the student. The credential evaluations take into account the value of the credential from the perspective of the educational system of the country, whether the university is recognized, data the degree was awarded, major/specialization, program length, entrance requirements, and credential name. The evaluation report consists of all of this information about the original credential and the US equivalency.

By paying more, a comprehensive report will analyze every course on the transcript, converting course levels, grades, and credit hours to their US equivalents. However, certain agencies will calculate a GPA (or grade point average), which is the standard way of reporting academic accomplishment in the US. Nevertheless, a course-by-course evaluation is almost mandatory when a person is applying for a graduate degree or a transfer credit.

How Much Does An Evaluation Cost?

The cost of an evaluation is dependent on several factors – the extent of comprehensive analysis required for your purpose, whether or not an agency charges for processing time, every credential it evaluates, etc.

How Are Foreign Credentials Evaluated Into The US Equivalency?

By making use of a number of resources and research tools, agencies determine the status of international academic institutions while also assessing the individual academic accomplishment with the US system and standards of education.

Does Everyone Recognize The Outcomes of Credential Evaluation Reports?

No. The evaluation reports don’t bind to any institution and are advisory. Ultimately, the institution receiving the credentials has the authority to make the final decision on how they will recognize the credentials. The institutions are not bound by the recommendations and opinions of the evaluation service – even if they recommend or require the service.   

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