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Studying abroad presents an opportunity to improve anybody’s personal growth, career enhancement, social development and professional advancement. This may sound overwhelming but the benefits of studying abroad are immense and limitless. However, choosing the place to study is quite demanding but never too complicated to be understood.

It is best if you can look at the map and know your potential places. Know and understand your choices. Narrow your choices to countries which offer the best study abroad programs. Among the top study abroad destinations are Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary and Europe.

Larger percentage of International student choose the Unites States as the place they want to broaden their experience and continue their education, making the U.S. the top choice over any other countries in the world. But why do so many international students choose U.S. colleges and universities?

Academic Superiority

The United States has one of the finest frameworks of tertiary education on the planet. Its numerous diverse institutions offer academic and practical studies in just about any subject, at all levels, and for all types of students. U.S. universities likewise give the world’s best professional degree programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Communications and Computer Science where students have the opportunity to work directly with some of the finest and best minds in their field of study. In addition, U.S. degrees have worldwide recognition for their excellence.

Research, Teaching and Training Opportunity

You may be able to gain valuable experience through teaching and/or research while you help to finance your education in the U.S., mostly if you are a graduate student. Many graduate programs offer training and teaching opportunities that enable students to become teaching assistants to undergraduates and/or research assistants on special projects exploring different aspects of your field of study.

International students are some of the most esteemed teachers and researchers in U.S. universities because they bring new skills and ideas to the classroom and library or laboratory. This practical factor of your education will prove useful in your future career, and may give you understandings into your field that would not be possible through course study alone.


Although many programs are highly scheduled in that specific coursework requirements must be met, you will generally be able to find a wide variety of course choices to meet those requirements. For example, arts coursework for an undergraduate program will include (among others) classes in languages and mathematics, but you will often have several options from which to choose insofar as which language class you take, or which area of mathematics appeals most to your interests and skills.

At the advanced stages of a degree, or if you are pursuing a graduate degree, you will be able to adapt your coursework to fit your specific academic goals, needs and interests. When you choose topics for independent study for a graduate thesis or dissertation, you can emphasize ideas that are important to you, your field and your country.

Support Services and Job Opportunities

The mission of the international student office is to assist students like you, and there is often a wide range of student services that they provide.

An induction program upon your arrival is just the start of the many programs and aids of the university international student office – throughout your time in the U.S., they can help answer questions you may have regarding your visa status, financial situation, housing, employment possibilities, health concerns and more.

This office often provides resume and employment assistance as graduation draws near. The international student office will be an invaluable source of information and help as you make the transition into academic and cultural life in the United States.

Global Education and Long-Term Career Projections

Involvement in an international setting is a saleable commodity. Many employers seek the wide range of knowledge, flexibility and skill that international students gained by studying in the United States. Companies in the U.S. are increasingly seeking to become a strong presence in the global marketplace. They often look to hire employees who not only have multi-cultural language skills, but those who can also help communicate, negotiate and conduct business across different cultures.

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Cultural Experience

Whether you attend a small, private college in a small town or a university situated in the middle of a large urban area, most universities offer a variety of student clubs and organizations to match the wide array of student interests. You can have the opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture, meeting new people and making new friends, through different organizations and associations.

Your time studying abroad can be enriched by taking part in the social and cultural scene surrounding you, and you will likely find that U.S. campuses provide a rich variety of academic, cultural and athletic activities that add new dimensions to your life.

Language Proficiency

The best destinations to study abroad are the English-speaking countries like the United States. If your choice of destination is an English-speaking country, it is an advantage if you are well-versed with this language. Studying in a country where you know their language is an added mark, plus it will make studying easy and manageable. However, if you are not fluent in the language of your chosen destination, do not be afraid to go out of your boundaries. Learning a new language in some cases is not necessary, but it would be beneficial on your part if you know the language of the place you will be staying at for the duration of your study plans. After all “Experience is the best teacher.”

Studying abroad is a big decision. There is a huge emotional and financial cost involved, and its impact will be felt all your life.

It’s not even one single decision, but a number of decisions rolled into one:

Which course to study?
Which country to study it in?
Which university to choose?
How to apply?
What are the chances of you being accepted?
What if the visa application gets rejected?
What happens when you reach there?
What about your employment prospects?
It is a stressful time not just for the student but for the entire family. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused, especially given the high number of choices and conflicting information available today.

This is where a good consultant can prove priceless such as Foreign Credential Evaluations, who are professionals with experience and expertise in providing accurate, fast and affordable credential evaluations. They give confused and overwhelmed students undivided attention and honest guidance every step of the way.

In order to make sure that you get the best possible credential evaluations, it is important for you to first and foremost choose the right one.

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