Quality Assurance

Foreign Credential Evaluations strives to always deliver high quality work with fast turn around times at affordable prices. Our desire in helping international individuals succeed motivates and drives us to continue to put out high quality work.

Regardless of what the evaluation delivery time frame or the complexity of a project, our team at Foreign Credential Evaluations will always work together to optimize workflows. At Foreign Credential Evaluations, our professional team of trained evaluators research and study each case individually. Every country has a unique educational system, so we carefully craft a detailed report that gives the most precise and accurate U.S. equivalency.

Below are some testimonials of students who used Foreign Credential Evaluations: 

I’m glad I came across Foreign Evaluations when I needed my academic evaluations for my MBA program because they were a pleasure to work with and were able to evaluate my credentials accurately and timely.
Natasha Azarov
MBA Student
Foreign Evaluations saved my life! I needed my high school credential evaluation done within 24 hours to meet the application deadline at my university and they gladly took on the assignment and completed the evaluation with enough time for me to submit it to my school. I was accepted into the engineering program thanks to FE!
Juan Sanchez
Engineering student
This amazing team at Foreign Evaluations was able to complete my evaluation along with helping me translate my documents! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to study in the USA!
Tiago Da Silva
Art Student