Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Whether you’re looking to embark on your professional career or want to gain admission in a graduate school, you can expect that potential employers or prospective educational institutions will closely scrutinize your academic history, including your course transcripts. If you’re an international student looking to land a job or attend school in the US, you’ll probably need to take the extra step of educational credential evaluation.

While it may initially seem a difficult proposition, the process isn’t challenging, as long as you know who to look for assistance. For years, Foreign Credential Evaluations has been helping individuals just like you with their foreign evaluation requirements.

The experience you’re looking for

Foreign Credential Evaluations is far from being a novice in the industry. Foreign Evaluations has offered reliable, fast, and arguably the best foreign transcript evaluation service for many years. Over the course of our operational years, we have developed a stellar reputation within the industry of international transcript evaluation.

Often, our capable and experienced transcript evaluators are asked to present at conferences that notable firms like NAGAP, AACRAO, and NAFSA hold. Our evaluators use our foreign credentials database and extensive research library to create detailed and informative reports for our clientele.

Foreign Credential Evaluations never offer generic transcripts evaluation services

At Foreign Credential Evaluations, we understand individuals who have studied in foreign countries having an extensive range of academic backgrounds and credentials. Instead of only offering a single type of foreign transcript evaluation and expecting it fits every situation, we have multiple evaluation types available, providing a more comprehensive selection.

Although some of the evaluation types are general, we also provide more discipline-focused evaluations in teaching, nursing, and engineering. To meet the unique needs of our institutional clients, we also have the capability of tailoring our institutional clients, like professional licensing boards and academic entities.

We offer accurate and quick transcript evaluations

For those requiring an international transcript evaluation on an urgent basis, Foreign Credential Evaluations provides a number of turnaround times. Our pricing scheme clearly outlines our transparent pricing, and you would never have to be concerned about add-on costs or hidden fees.

We make it easy to apply for a foreign transcript evaluation

The process of Foreign Evaluations is remarkably easy. The entire application would take no more than 10 minutes to complete, only requiring the furnishing of some basic academic and personal information.

A foreign transcript evaluation service that is highly personalized

The client feedback and experience tell us that our clients are quite satisfied with the high level of personalized service that Foreign Evaluations offers. Besides the speed of our foreign transcript evaluation services, our clientele also benefit by having access to our evaluators throughout the process.

You can easily reach us by telephone, email, or by stopping by one of our office locations for face-to-face interaction. If you prefer email as your contact option, you are always guaranteed a rapid response.