Education Credential Evaluation

Education Credential Evaluation

Selecting an appropriate education credentials evaluation service is probably the best decision you’ll ever make for your academic or professional career.

If you’re applying for admission or employment to an educational institution in the US or the US military, the process of educational credentials evaluations is relatively simple. It would take you less than 10 minutes to apply online. All you need to do is choose the type of evaluation that best caters to your needs, follow the instructions offered by a customer service representative, and let Foreign Credential Evaluations take care of the rest.

Choosing an education credential evaluation service provider that doesn’t have experience or lacks access to the most extensive and recent research materials can mean your prospective academic institution or employer won’t gain a thorough understanding of your educational documents from overseas. What to do then? Turn to our international academic credential evaluators.

At Foreign Credential Evaluation, our educational credential evaluators are respected throughout the industry, and our reports are detailed with the crucial information our institutional clients and students require. For years, our clients have selected Foreign Credential Evaluations because of our transparent pricing, quick turnaround time, and quality.

With so much at stake, you can trust Foreign Credential Evaluations to deal with your educational credentials evaluation needs in a professional manner.

You can count on our educational credential assessments

International students looking to further professional or educational opportunities have turned to Foreign Credential Evaluations for accurate and timely educational evaluations. We attribute our longevity to our capability to meet the education evaluation needs of our international students from around the globe while developing a reputation as a renowned industry leader in the process. We primarily prioritize our clients, striving to deliver a tailored service that lets all our clients know we care.


Why opt for dependable, educational evaluation services?

For applicants attending academic institutions in foreign countries, the process of procuring an internal educational evaluation isn’t as simple as one might think.

For the reliable and accurate evaluation of foreign education, it takes a competent and experienced foreign education credential evaluation company like Foreign Credential Evaluations: the evaluation company for reporting and verification.

Our educational credential verification services

In several cases, our clients need a transcript evaluation or some other educational credential evaluation swiftly to land a coveted spot or a job in a prestigious academic program that may otherwise be offered to another candidate.

Irrespective of how swiftly educational credential evaluation services are required, we never sacrifice quality. We always ensure that we company with the highest industry standards for ethical behavior and quality. Our highly detailed reports comprise every information key decision-makers need during the candidate selection process in employment or admissions, for licensing boards or immigration purposes.