An Overview: A Credential Evaluation Service

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Seeking academic and professional opportunities, different individuals from across the globe necessitate the assistance of a credential evaluation service. A credential evaluation service mainly works to evaluate the academic and professional degrees secured by international immigrants and students through another country. With competition being fierce and space is limited, a credible evaluation of their academic and professional credentials enables an individual to apply and secure their place within a professional or academic space.

Dotted across the globe, several countries in North America (USA & Canada), Europe & Australia utilize the use of credential evaluation services. Due to educational systems differing in each country, a service such as this enables institutions within these countries to understand the level of educational and professional experience gained by an individual.

A Levelling Ground for Students & Professionals

By comparing these foreign credentials and degrees against a common evaluation system set for their country, institutions place students and professionals on a leveling playing field. The majority of academic institutions require students to get their credentials assessed by specific professional associations; however, a certain proportion of these institutions have their own assessment processes. It is therefore recommended for students to confirm with their given institution, prior to choosing any evaluation service.

Depending upon the criteria set by an employer or particular academic institution, students should accordingly proceed with getting their credentials assessed. With there being multiple ways for assessing credentials, individuals should choose an option befitting their unique scenario and institution.

Document by Document

This method of evaluation is thorough in assessing each detail. It is typically used for immigration purposes, employment opportunities, and admission processes when transfer credit is not needed. Harnessing this method, an evaluation service works through the academic institutions attended and credentials earned by the individual in a foreign country (other than the USA). Indicating the equivalency of their Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate in compliance with the American education system, these services provide an all-inclusive overview for not just the institution, but also the applicant.

Necessitating English translation of each document written in a foreign language or translating it themselves, a service works through evaluating original or certified copies of an applicant’s academic documents. They process all documents, which are inclusive of secured diplomas, certificates, transcripts, their date of graduation, and the major chosen by them. Providing merely the equivalency of a degree, this form of evaluation doesn’t provide grading of all courses and subjects.

Course by Course

This form of evaluation evaluates each diploma, credential, or certificate earned by an applicant. Being a comparatively detailed evaluation when compared to the ‘document by document’ method, it assesses the amount of time spent by an applicant on education. It assesses the credit hours, grades, degrees, and courses in a comprehensive sense. Comparing the applicant’s academic performance against the American educational system, this method provides institutions and employers with a clear idea of an applicant’s academic ability. Usually utilized for college admissions, transfers, graduate university admissions, and licensing boards (excluding CPA), this method works to provide foreign applicants with an inroad into securing the finest academic and professional prospects.

Evaluation Of Professional Work Experience

Required for immigration purposes and especially for applicants applying for a U.S H-1B visa (specialty work), this evaluation method assesses an applicant’s educational credentials and professional work history. Ensuring whether the credential is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree secured from an U.S based college or university, the service works to assess a comprehensive list of elements. These elements are inclusive of the following:

  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Skills available and skilled used
  • Detailed resume (comprising of positions held, responsibilities, duties, paired with start and end date of each position) 
  • Employer’s name and geographic location
  • Reference letters from each employer the applicant has worked for. This should be inclusive of title, job description, state, and last working date of each position held.

Requiring a comprehensive set of documentation, individuals need to be steadfast in binding together all relevant documents and presenting them appropriately. In this form of evaluation, it is likewise important for all documents to either be an original or certified copy.

The Importance of Credential Evaluation Services Based In USA

For most foreign applicants, utilizing the help of an academic evaluation service is of paramount importance. It is an instrumental tool for helping applicants gain an entry to the academic and professional sphere, empowering them to harness their credentials, their skills and their experience to partake within the American workforce.

With a credible and experienced credential evaluation service by their side, individuals can navigate themselves through a landscape they’re unfamiliar with. By finding a helping hand and by relying on the expertise and knowledge of such a service, individuals can expedite the process of living their American dream. Moreover, by meeting the requirements of their prospective employer or institution and by using the appropriate channels, individuals can find a job or course befitting their credentials.

Through such a fast and speedy application process, individuals won’t have to worry about dealing with the nuisance that comparing education credentials and understanding the American educational system is. By stating the availability of a credential report in their cover letter, applicants can gain a competitive edge within the professional sphere. Supporting the transition of foreign applicants to a successful educational and professional future, these services are dedicated to meeting the emerging needs of foreign applicants.

The Process

Keeping the process easy and convenient for the individual to process, these academic and professional evaluation services have created a simplified process. Requiring individuals to simply upload their documents, fill out a form, and receive their evaluation, with the option of receiving a sealed hard copy, applicants can gain from a streamlined process.

Understanding how difficult it is to gain access to lucrative professional and academic opportunities, these services alleviate the stress associated with processing such applications. By handling each matter with utmost diligence and analyzing each matter with precision, they provide evaluations that allow applicants to use them for immigration or other given purposes.     

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