A Safe Passage for International Students: Credential Evaluation Services

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There is a great deal of uncertainty and hesitation involved in shifting bases. Be it for educational or professional purposes, an individual is most likely to be unaware of a different system. Within an educational system, various factors make up the structure, which is inclusive of their grading criteria, their passing criteria, their failing criteria, and their marking criteria.

With each country entailing a differing educational system and each country having its own set of rules, individuals need to consider a few elements. They need to transfer their educational credentials or experience according to the parameters set by the country they’re looking to immigrate to. In the case of the USA, entailing its own set of conditions, an applicant must make use of a foreign credential evaluation service. These services have the experience and the skills to assess any given applicant, emerging from any country, according to the criteria set by the US educational system.

That said, prior to choosing any given option or direction, it is important for students to be well-informed. This is because, while the majority of academic institutions require an external service to carry out credential evaluations, there are a few institutions that carry out this process in-house. Follow through to understand the key points to ponder over before making a decision:

  • A credential evaluation is not an individual profile evaluation. Instead, it works through assessing the academic credentials, e.g., diplomas, certificates and degrees, work experience, and available skills of an individual within the framework provided by the American educational system.
  • The purpose of a credential evaluation is to provide a clear image to the bodies assessing an applicant. With the barrier of language and varying criteria, bodies fail to set each applicant on a leveling platform. Through the help of a credential evaluation report, admission offices understand the qualifications and academic scores of an applicant and accordingly figure out whether the applicant is fit for the applied program or course.
  • Without the presence of a credential evaluation report, an academic body can’t think to process procedures further, as it is a critical piece of the procedure. With no US-government based agency providing these reports, students have to reach to credible and professional services to receive reports befitting their scenario.
  • Depending upon their unique scenario, students need to either opt for a course-by-course report or a document-by-document report. The course report method assesses each element comprehensively by taking into consideration the following elements, e.g., the credit hours, time spent in education, grades, and courses. On the other hand, the document report method provides equivalency for a Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate secured from another country.
  • With most universities failing to provide this essential service, students must secure a foreign education credential evaluation service, as they are the key for securing professional and academic opportunities.

Why Gaining Access To A Foreign Transcript Evaluation Service Is Vital?

By reaching out to foreign credential evaluation services, students don’t just save the headache for themselves, but also for the academic institution they’re applying to. With such a service present within the processing of documents, the following benefits trickle in:

Authenticity Of Documents

Due to processing a large number of applicants for any given semester, it becomes time-consuming and a hassle for institutions to verify the credibility of each document they receive. With a credential evaluation service present, this problem is eliminated. They verify the authenticity of each document they assess, leading institutions to process procedures easily.

Language Barrier

Either by translating it themselves or by receiving translated copies, credential evaluation services ease the trouble of translating each particular date, the course title, name, or grade. Through verifying each detail, they allow institutions to speed through a process, which would otherwise be painstakingly lengthy.

Verifying Biological Information

An important part of verifying information is to compare biological information, e.g., age and academic history mentioned in academic documents. By ensuring each element corresponds with each other, such services make use of an all-embracing approach.

Integrating the help of a credential evaluation service helps students to push themselves through an easy and streamlined process. By simply filling out a form and uploading their authentic academic documents, they can receive a detailed report, while ensuring institutions that no misrepresentation or fraudulent activities were involved in the process.

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